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I am happy you are here! I would like to invite you to join in on walkabouts that I take with my camera and see the images taken in my yard, neighborhood, city, state, and various travel locations. I have found in making images of nature there are unexpected benefits: increased calm, less stress, increased feelings of joy and happiness, enjoyment of visual beauty, a sense of wonder, feelings of gratitude for the beauty in the world, and just “being “ in the moment”. I hope you, too, will also discover how you feel and what you enjoy in images of nature. Studies have shown that taking “time out” to enjoy nature can contribute to your feelings of well being. Even if you are unable to be in nature yourself, you can benefit from taking time to focus on images of nature. Hence, the purpose for my website! It is my pleasure to share my work with you from the walkabouts  I go on with my camera! Get comfortable, take your time, and enjoy both the images and the benefits!

If you would like to share about your experience after going on a visual walkabout with me, I’d love to hear from you. What photos spoke to you, did you have particular favorites, did a photo remind you of a special memory, help you relax and set aside any worries or stressors you have in your life? It is my mission through my photographs to enhance your well being and support you in finding your own center of calm.

I'd like to let you know first to see new images, to get notices of special offers, to hear about a recent walkabout or to enjoy a chat. Before you leave, I invite you to go to my Contact Page to share your email with me.  I look forward to hearing from you so I can share with you timely emails of my images and we can engage with each other about the benefits and gifts that come from images of nature.

Thanks again for visiting my website.  My wish for you is that you notice something in your day that makes you smile, recall a memory, makes you pause to wonder or takes your breath away!  There is a bit of magic in that moment. Enjoy! 

Have a beautiful day!


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